About Us

ABC Parts International, Inc. is a premier importer of new aftermarket automobile body parts, including fenders, hoods, bumpers, automotive lighting, and cooling products. Our products are high quality replacement parts that are manufactured according to the highest standards in the industry. Being in business for 30 years, we are the number one source of aftermarket body parts for some of the largest collision repair shops in the industry.


There are several factors that truly distinguish us from, and put us head and shoulders above, our competitors.


·         Our carefully selected and highly trained Customer Service Representatives. They are quick, efficient, and multi-lingual. Your orders are processed pleasantly and efficiently. All orders, regardless of their size, are treated with the same speed, respect and efficiency, all with our gratitude for your choosing us as your supplier.


·         We employ the most modern, state-of-the-art, computer system available. This enables us to synchronize all facets of our business, taking your order from phone order to warehouse selection to delivery, all in one modern blink of the eye.

·         Our website:  www.abcparts.net.


                           --- Through our website, you can:


                  - Order parts 24 hours a day.

                                          - Check availability of stock.

                  - More easily prepare your estimates, checking any and all of our prices at your convenience.

                  - In addition to the above traditional uses of our website, you may also check your account balance, print invoices, check open orders, and more.


·         DELIVERY. No one can match us for deliveries, no one. You receive your parts faster; you complete your repair faster. In our evermore competitive field, as never before, time really is money. Days can sometimes be saved, enabling you to save many other related in-house costs, such as labor and car rentals. Sometimes, merely saving a few precious hours means the difference in making money on a job, or satisfying that extra special customer.


                         --- Nassau County, and Queens receive 4 (four!!!!) deliveries a day, with the rest of the metropolitan area receiving 3 deliveries per day.



·         Tremendous inventory. 


                               --- We have an enormous inventory of both CAPA CERTIFIED and   non-CAPA parts.

                               --- We stock many hard-to-find parts, not readily available from other sources.



·         Competitive Pricing.  


--- Our prices are updated on a regular basis. Therefore, any price reductions from our vendors are immediately passed on to our customers.


At ABC Parts, we pride ourselves on the highest quality customer service, competitive pricing, and fast, frequent deliveries, all carried out by our well-trained, quality workforce. We try and offer the highest quality service we can, and we strive every day to do just that, with multiple layers of quality control to insure you, our valued customer, that you receive the very best in value, service, and parts. We thank you in advance for your business.